About Jewel Blade

Established for over 85 years, Jewel Blade Ltd, located in Sheffield England started life as The Jewel Razor Blade Company manufacturing quality razor blades. Over the years expanding and developing the product range, for use in various industrial and commercial applications to include Food, Utility, Craft, Mount cutting & Retail.

The strengths of this unique company are the vast experience of people and the method of production. Since the positive acquisition during 2003 by W R Swann & Co Ltd group of companies, which include the world-leading surgical blade manufacturer Swann-Morton Limited, improvements and investments have been implemented, ensuring machinery and productivity are at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

Jewel Blade’s world-wide distribution of quality “Made in Sheffield” blades provides customers with the confidence and knowledge that it’s aim and focus is to develop successful long-term business partnerships.